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Washington Heights Emergency Dental Care

Fort Washington Dental Associates understands that some urgent dental concerns cannot wait. We try to book patients for immediate and same-day emergency services depending on the severity. Our professionals can help you identify if your situation requires urgent care.

When to Get Emergency Care

If you have a possibly life-threatening condition, you should get emergency care immediately by calling 911 or going to the emergency room. Any dentist in New York will recommend seeking emergency care as soon as possible in situations involving:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Severe bacterial infections
  • Injury resulting in broken facial bones

However, if you have the following problems, give us a call to make an appointment and address your emergency:

Broken or Loose Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth are often salvageable depending on the severity. In worst cases, cracks may extend to the gum line and should be evaluated as soon as possible. Loose teeth require immediate treatment to try to stabilize them and encourage the roots to hold.


Painful toothaches may indicate more significant issues, such as severe decay or infection. We will take x-rays and examine the tooth to determine and address any underlying causes.

Missing Fillings

While not immediately life-threatening, a lost filling exposes sensitive tooth structure and possibly the nerves in your teeth which can develop a cavity or an infection. The sooner you seek care, the sooner you can cover and protect these vulnerable areas. The Fort Washington Dental Associates team will identify the problem quickly and implement effective treatment solutions. Our many years of experience help us provide fast and accurate emergency services.

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