Professional Teeth Whitening

Take home whitening kits and in-office whitening sessions are available to brighten your smile for a special occasion or just because!
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Teeth Whitening in Washington Heights NYC

A bright and radiant smile can boost your confidence and enhance your overall appearance. Fort Washington Dental Associates provides professional teeth whitening treatments that utilize custom trays and a specially formulated whitening solution.

Professional Teeth Whitening Process


At Home Whitening

Our dentist will create a custom tray for your at-home nighttime use. These trays are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring that the whitening solution remains in contact with the tooth surfaces all night for optimal effectiveness.

In-Office Whitening Session

In addition to at-home use, you can visit our office for an in-office whitening session. This session utilizes a special whitening solution that enhances and accelerates the whitening process, providing you with remarkable results.


Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening


Superior Results Compared to Store-Bought Products

Professional teeth whitening treatments offer significantly better results compared to store-bought whitening strips or trays. The use of custom trays ensures that the whitening solution is properly applied to the teeth, maximizing its effectiveness and delivering a brighter smile.

Non-Invasive Procedure

Professional teeth whitening treatments do not require the removal or shaving down of any parts of your teeth. It is a non-invasive procedure that effectively lifts stains and improves the appearance of your smile without causing any harm to your tooth structure.

Transformation of Your Smile

Professional teeth whitening treatments go beyond just removing stains; they have the power to transform your smile. The state-of-the-art hydrogen peroxide solution effectively and quickly removes stains, resulting in a beautiful, bright smile that boosts your self-confidence.

Fort Washington Dental Associates offers professional teeth whitening treatments that provide superior results compared to store-bought products. With the use of custom trays and a specially formulated whitening solution, our treatments effectively remove stains and dramatically whiten your teeth, resulting in a dazzling smile. Enjoy the non-invasive procedure and the transformative impact it can have on your overall appearance. Trust our experienced dental team to deliver safe, effective, and remarkable teeth whitening results that will leave you with a radiant and confident smile.

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Iliana Cepero
Iliana Cepero
23:13 16 Jan 24
Dr. Lee was incredibly kind, clear, and thorough when I went for a consultation. Doctors who spend time explaining things to a patient and giving them the best and most affordable options do not abound these days. He is very smart too. Strongly recommended!
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